Waterproof inspection camera – long, lean and lit.

USB Snake Inspection Camera Endoscope

Do you ever need to check something around this house,
but you’re unable to do it right because it’s impossible to see?
The light fixtures behind the moulding perhaps, or the piping in the well?



USB Snake Inspection Camera EndoscopeThe good news is that we’ve got a solution for that! Our new snake inspection camera enables you to see what’s in the nooks and crannies around your house or workplace. Having a diameter of only 7mm, this camera enables you to look inside machines without the need of disassembling it. It is also waterproof so checking piping and humid places is also possible.

USB Snake Inspection Camera Endoscope

USB Snake Inspection Camera EndoscopeBy connecting the USB camera to your PC, this device enables you to view, shoot videos and take high-resolution images. The camera is also equipped with LEDs for low light settings, whose brightness can be adjusted using a wheel on the control (on the wire itself). The camera also offers a simple magnifier to take even closer shots.

So get your hands on one of these cameras to make sure you’re not missing anything!



Check out more details about the camera from the link below:

USB Snake Inspection Camera Endoscope Waterproof - 7mm Camera Diameter - 6 LEDs Adjustable - 5m Cable Length (Black)


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