USB Cable limitaion will no longer be a concern

Usb Extenders

Aten UCE60The Aten UCE60 USB Extender allows you connect your USB device or hub up to 60m (198 ft) away from your computer, extending the transmission distance between USB devices without diminishing their performance.


Aten UCE60This user-friendly device, which requires no additional software installation, uses a Cat 5e or a Cat 6 cable to connect USB devices and also provides support for any full-speed or low speed devices. Furthermore, an LED indicates when additional power is needed to maintain a strong signal.

This USB extender can be used to increase the distance between any two USB connected devices. For example, it can be used to connect a touch screen to a main computer in another room; connect a kitchen printer with computer of waiter taking orders or even to extend the webcam to keep an eye on your children in another room. It is the perfect and lowest cost solution for extending USB signals.

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Aten UCE60

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