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NAS server

Keeping track of data stored on different devices around the house can be quite a hassle.
A Network Attached Storage (NAS) server, however, can make this simple.


NAS_NetworkThe NAS holds within it a hard drive of any storage size. The NAS is then connected to the network allowing multiple users from multiple devices to access and edit the files stored on it. This way, all your documents and media files can be stored in one place, but still be accessible from all your devices.

NAS_mediaIn addition to this, NAS servers like the D-Link DNS-313L also have a USB port so that another peripheral, such as a printer, is connected to the network. This enables you to send print jobs from any of your devices, even if the printer is not a network printer.

The NAS can be easily set up and configured through a web browser NAS_Setupfrom your PC or laptop. It also includes backup software for full or incremental backups, and power management to safeguard the hard drive’s life. Moreover, some manufacturers include a search utility which facilitates searching for data.

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