Setting up your sound? Keep calm and use an audio converter.

Audio Converters

Trying to set up a sound system but all the connections seem to be different?
No worries! That’s exactly what audio converters are for!


The audio converter enables the user to connect audio devices such as computer audio cards, CD and DVD players, Playstations and other types of digital audio gear to receivers such as amplifiers and home theater equipment.

Audio converters are simple to set up and use and provide electromagnetic-noise-free transmission. They are designed for either home or professional audio use.

The Toslink/Coaxial to Analog Audio Converter takes your digital audio source and converts it to standard analog R/L audio. It does so by having a digital input (Toslink/Coaxial) and an analog output. It also needs power which is provided by the power supply (included with the audio converters).

We currently have 4 types of converters in stock. These are:

Digital & Optical to Analog Audio ConverterAnalog to Digital & Optical Audio ConverterOptical to Digital Audio ConverterDigital to Optical Audio Converter

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