It’s time to tidy up!

it's time to get organised

Do you ever feel like this when you see the state your cables are in?

angry upset reactiongifs hate pissed

Well then, we have some products that’ll turn that ⇑ face into this ⇓ face.


1. Know which cable is which with these coloured cable markers.

Coloured Cable Markers

2. Organise the cables running across the floor with these floor cable protectors.

Floor Trunking System


3. Line the cables at the back of your desk neatly with these back-of-desk cable managers

Cable Manager


4. Group long cables together with these spiral cable harnesses.

Cable Harness (White)

5. Or stick to the old-but-gold cable ties to organise your cables (velcro ones available too! )

Cable Ties - Plastic (Black)Velcro Cable TiesVelcro Cable Ties Coloured


BONUS: If you happen to have a network cabinet, we have a cable managers made just for you too!

Rackmount Cable Manager19


Check out our full range of cable managers HERE!

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