Antistatic tools – the basics.

Antistatic Tools (Mats, Grounding Clips, Wrist Straps)

antistatic matWhat?

Antistatic tools are used to safely ground electronic components when working on sensitive electronic equipment. They are there to help you protect electronic components, such as semiconductor components, from Electro Static Discharge (ESD).grounding clip

The antistatic mat is made out of natural rubber, and comes in 2 different sizes. It has 2 surfaces, one green and one black, with different resistances. A grounding clip, which extends up to 2m, is then used to ground the mat. An antistatic wrist strap is also available to protect technicians from static while working with electronic components.


Antistatic tools help keep the equipment safe from ESD, therefore minimizing the risk of components being ruined due to static. In the long run, antistatic tools are an investment as they help reduce money lost on damages done during repairs.


Antistatic tools are used in a multitude of places, spanning production departments and advanced labs in microelectronic industry, to self-taught technicians working on building or repairing their own computers and devices.

wrist strapHow?

Antistatic tools are very simple to use. Mats can be laid out on any surface, and using the grounding clip, properly grounded before use. The antistatic wrist strap has is adjustable and therefore can be worn comfortably. It too has an extendable 3m chord for maximum flexibility and comfort.

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