7 Holiday Essentials

7 Holiday Essentials
1. Get yourself  a battery pack for when you’re
playing Pokemon Go and your battery starts
to run out.
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2. Or some headphones for to avoid awkward
conversations on the plane or forced in the car.
Nickelodeon jamming grooving rock out backseat
You can also get one of these earphone splitters to share your music with your
travel buddy.

3. How about a dashcam to record those family
road trips? Or maybe a car charger to help you
escape the craziness?

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4. Fight the struggle with a universal charger
and a long charger cable.
Charger too far away
5. Keep your phone and tablet safe from the
splashes with these waterproof pockets.
beach pig four hawaii hangs
6. Get yourself a portable speaker for chill
evenings at the beach.
music video taylor swift summer beach sunset
7. Keep a close eye on your home when you’re
not there with these security cameras. (Just to
make sure you don’t have a giraffe invasion.)

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